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Have your favorite role playing game character illustrated...

JackanapesInk Brand
RPG Character Portraits from Jackanapesink!!
JackanapesInk Brand

Black and White Packages starting at $25.00!!

Black & White Inked Illustration
Scanned .TIF or .JPG file
Delivered to you via email
Since you already have the baddest and the best cat in the game it's a cinch you should have the best looking one around as well!
That's right! For what amounts to mere pocket-change, witness your cowering cohorts cringe as they face the sudden shocking shame of inadequacy, realizing --as well they will-- your daunting superiority! Just picture the stunned tearful looks on their sorry, swollen faces, imagine their sobbing cries for reassurance...a reassurance only YOU can offer!

Full Color Packages Starting at $50.00!!

Digitally Colored Inked Illustration
Scanned .TIF or .JPG file
Delivered to you via email
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JackanapesInk accepts online orders and payment via PayPal (Visa-Mastercard, as well, natch!)
print out your order form, and send it in with check or money order via SNAIL MAIL!

Order Form

Various and Sundry :
- For most game systems, you provide us with a text description (we may open an email dialog with you to gather additional details) after which we will provide you with a rough sketch, edits will be made based upon your feedback and a final inked version will be created.
- Orders placed via smail mail can recieve hard copies of their portraits, in lieu of digital formats.
- If the character to be illustrated is a HEXALON SYSTEM Character, you can have your illustration delivered incorporated into a custom HEXALON CHARACTER SHEET, at no additional charge, simply supply the character stats with your order and specify HEXALON CHARACTER in the text. (What is HEXALON you ask? Only one of the finest FREE Role Playing Games available on the Internet! CLICK HERE to learn more about HEXALON.)
- For additional characters/animals in the illustration, add $20 for B&W, add $40 for color.
-For detailed background in the illustration, add $25 for B&W, add $50 for color.

Legal Schmegal:
- All illustrations are the Intellectual Property of John Drury, with all rights reserved thusly.
- In commissioning the Character Illustration, the buyer is allowed single-use, perpetual rights to the illustration for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Selling or copying the work is strictly prohibited.
- The Character Illustration may, however, be posted on the buyer's personal website provided the following text appears next to the image : "Image 2004 John Drury, All Rights Reserved.", AND a link is included pointing to http://jackanapesink.com/
- Any use of a commissioned Character Illustration for any commercial use whatsoever is prohibited, and any such use will be legally pursued in a mercilessly dogged fashion.

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